Nine Words that I Always Miss Spell

In June, I am set to graduate with a BA (Hons) degree in English Studies. As such, it would be fair to assume that I am amazing at spelling. In truth, I am terrible at spelling. Quite hideous actually. I blame myself mostly, but, to make myself feel better, I also blame computer spell checkers. Sometimes they fix my spelling without me actually noticing. How will I ever learn?

Here are nine words that I spell incorrectly 90% of the time. Please do share some of the words that constantly trip you up so that I feel a little bit less like a complete plonker.

  1. miss spell – For some reason, my instinct is to write this as two words even though it is actually written as ‘misspell‘ which is one hundred times easier.
  2. attatched – I always put a third ‘t’ after the ‘a’ even though there is no need for it. The correct spelling is ‘attached‘.
  3. accomodation  – When I started my degree nearly four years ago I moved into university accommodation and swiftly learned that I cannot spell that word.
  4. summise – I pronounce this word the way I spell it but there is actually an ‘r’ in the word ‘surmise‘ which I consistently refuse to acknowledge.
  5. neccesary – This is a common misspelling which makes me feel slightly better about myself. One collar and two sleeves makes ‘necessary‘ which is the correct spelling.
  6. calender – I think one of my biggest spelling faux pas is using an ‘e’ instead of an ‘a’, as evidenced in the incorrectly spelt ‘calendar
  7. dissapear – I know this word has a double letter in it somewhere but I always choose the wrong one because I never learn. FYI, it’s ‘disappear but you probably already knew that.
  8. seperate – Again with the mixing up of ‘a’ and ‘e’. The correct spelling is ‘separate
  9. excercise – Maybe the reason I can’t spell this word is because I don’t exercise enough. Excuse me now whilst I go and dead lift some dictionaries.

2 thoughts on “Nine Words that I Always Miss Spell”

  1. lol I love this! I was an English major as well & it took me a few moments to even notice what you spelt wrong on ‘accommodate’ 😂 I always spell ‘necessary’ wrong & I have to spell out ‘because’ in my head or else it doesn’t make sense! great post 💕

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